On behalf of the 5.5 million family caregivers in our State of California, the CRCs thank you for your support!

The number of family caregivers has gone up as referenced by the new Caregivers in the US (AARP and National Alliance on Aging) report. The percentage is now 19.2% up from 16.6% of those 18+ care recipients in the general US population. Using census 18+ population, that means the actual number goes from 4.7M to up to 5.5 M caregivers now in CA – a jump of 800K from 5 years ago.

There are a total of 874 COVID-19 SNF deaths in CA (data taken from the CDPH tracking sites). There are a total of 3,302 deaths in CA from COVID-19 (Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker); SNF deaths represent 26% of the total at this time using the data sources listed above.  CRC’s provide essential support services to families that help keep their most frail and disabled family members at home and out of nursing homes.  Click here to find your local CRC.