Whether you’re planning ahead, facing an immediate caregiving challenge, or somewhere in between, you are not alone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?
Click on the Find Your Local CRC button below, enter your location, and then click on CareNav™. This will open up the CareNav™ account page for your local CRC. Fill out the fields under “Become a Member” to create an account!

In which languages is CareNav™ available?
The CareNav™ portal is currently available in English, but services are available in multiple languages.

Is CareNav™ secure?
Your personal information is private and secure. CareNav™ does not share information without your signed permission.

I am a current client with a Caregiver Resource Center. How do I access my CareNav™?
Please contact your Family Consultant, who will help you login to your CareNav™ account.