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Taking on a caregiving role is a full time job. Unfortunately, there isn’t a guaranteed paycheck for caregivers, however, there are several ways caregiving families may obtain financial relief for specific purposes, such as for respite care or to purchase goods and services and – in some cases – pay for caregiving.

The following resources will be helpful in finding funding to support you and your loved one as you provide their care.

State-Funded Caregiver Compensation

Use FCA’s Family Care Navigator to find resources in your state. The “Caregiver Compensation” section shows agencies that have programs that enable the care recipient to hire a family member to care for them. In California, there is an In-Home Supportive Services program that allows those receiving Medicaid to pay family members or caregivers to provide in-home care.

Visit Your Area Agency on Aging

The California Caregiver Resource Center in your area is here to support you. You can also check out The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging to locate additional information and assistance in your specific area.

Understand Additional Support Options

Use the American Elder Care Research Association Paid Caregiver Program Locator to assess whether you can be paid as a Caregiver for your aging loved one. Additional details about available programs can be found here.

Disease Specific Funding

Look into disease specific organizations by visiting national resources on FCA’s Family Care Navigator and click Disease-Specific Organizations. Organizations may offer grants or other financial assistance to people with specific diseases and their family caregivers.

Veterans Services

Contact your local Veterans Service Office to get assistance in navigating veterans benefits and learn rules and regulations concerning veterans and survivors of veterans. National Association of County Veteran Service Officers (NACVSO) has an online locator that will direct you to your County Veteran Service Office or the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Benefits Checkup

See what benefits you may qualify for at Benefits checkup is an online service of the National Council on Aging to help older adults and their families find and enroll in federal, state, local, and private benefit programs.

Our professional staff at your local CRC can answer many questions about enrolling yourself or your loved one in these programs. 

Caregivers are highly valuable and deserve as much support and resources to continue to perform the role. The National Family Caregiver Support Program found caregiver benefits effective in helping caregivers keep their loved ones at home, instead of in a nursing home.

  • 74 percent of caregivers report that services enabled them to provide care longer than would have been possible otherwise
  • 88 percent of caregivers reported that services helped them to be a better caregiver; and
  • Nearly 62 percent of caregivers indicated that without the services they received, the care recipient would be living in a nursing home

Caregiving is hard work and you deserve compensation. Be sure to do your research and reach out to your local CRC for assistance in applying for any programs.

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