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As a Caregiver in our modern world, there are a wealth of free technologies and tools available that can help with managing patient care, medication, appointments, reminders and more. The following apps are recommended for you to try out in your caregiving practice. Each of these will help you get organized and connect with your network – a huge help when caregiving leaves you feeling depleted or alone. 

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The CareZone app is a worry-free way to organize health information and access vital health services. Carezone is a health information organizer that will help manage multiple medications. Scan your care recipient’s pill bottles to instantly create a detailed list of medications. The app also helps you stay on track with automatic reminders so you’ll never forget to administer a medication, refill a prescription, or track health info like blood glucose or blood pressure. Carezone is completely free, and highly recommended as a resource for Caregivers.

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CaringBridge is a global 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 1997. Their app is 100% free with no ads, designed to communicate updates on your care recipient’s health journey in a secure space rather than on public social media sites. Use the app to share diagnoses, treatment updates and milestones with friends and family. The app is designed to allow everyone important to stay informed on health updates from your loved ones. You can also connect and rally support from your community with GoFundMe integrations.

Lotsa Helping Hands
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The team at Lotsa Helping Hands has designed a community platform to coordinate help for your care recipient. The platform allows caregivers to connect with their support network, communicate updates & receive emotional support. Caregivers can add family and friends to their network, then make requests for help with meal deliveries, rides to appointments, and visits. Notify all concerned family members, friends, and community members about the status of your loved one via a message or photo. Friends and family can also leave encouraging messages for the care recipient.

Caring Village
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Caring Village is a command center for you as a family caregiver. Create your “Village” – all the family, friends, doctors and caregivers who are involved in the care of your loved one – and use the platform to communicate. The app includes a Wellness Journal, Medication management, and an integrated calendar to ensure everyone is on the same page with appointments. There is a place to store important documents and to communicate securely with your care recipients Village. We love the to-do feature, which keeps everyone in the loop of all the outstanding tasks that need to be taken care of.

Do you have a favorite app that you use as a family caregiver? Let us know!

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