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Ty, who is from Atlanta but now resides in Hawthorne, is a wife, a mom of two, a “momager” that manages her children’s sprouting acting and singing careers in Hollywood, a business owner, caregiving consultant, writer, speaker, and finally, a caregiver to her mom, Gertrude, who has Alzheimer’s. Together, she and her mother use their platform to coach, educate and inform the caregiving/Alzheimer’s community. We had the opportunity to interview Ty and learn about her caregiving journey and platform, In Case I Forget, LLC

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Ty’s caregiving journey began in 2020 when her father, who was the primary caregiver to her mother, needed occasional breaks on the holidays. When her father passed, she took on the role of her mother’s caregiver and decided to move in with her husband and kids. She says, “Our philosophy as a family is for her to age in place.” Meaning even when Ty’s busy schedule pulls her away from her mother, Gertrude stays right at home. They have caregivers come in during the morning and the evening to walk alongside side their family as they care for her. “This allows her to be comfortable, at peace, loved, in our sight, with our family, and just live her best days,” says Ty.

What do you know now, that you wish you knew before?

“You cannot plan out the future because it is a moment-by-moment thing. You don’t have to worry about what is next and just enjoy the time that you have now because that is what will fulfill you.”

As a caregiver, what resources do you wish were available/deem as necessary?

“I wish resources that were readily available are actually already available, but I wish that there were just more people right now like us who are coming out doing more consultations, or have the platforms to be what I deem as “care influencers” or “care-fluencers” to be able to show us how to navigate this life. If we had the legal tips at our fingertips so we’ll know how to do conservatorships and guardianships the right way. If we knew how to navigate Medicare and Medicaid correctly— all of these things that we need to be a caregiver— I just wish there was a caregiver handbook available because that would be an excellent resource. A literal ‘how-to’ guide.”

What do you do for self-care during your time as a caregiver?

“Nothing. Sleeping, meditating, and being alone. This is by choice. After the long to-do list is complete, I don’t want to do anything else.”

How do you make it through the emotional hardships of caring for a sick loved one? 

“Prayer and seeking god, reading the word, and believing that even though this is going on thesis working for my good and for his glory. This defines who I am. FAITH.”

What advice would you give to a new family caregiver? 

“Have your legal affairs in order. GET IT TOGETHER.”

Can you tell us more about your platform and In Case I Forget, LLC?

“In Case You Forget is a consulting company that also offers classes to give caregivers the tools and strategies that they need to walk out this journey. And it is that simple. I like to use my social media to give caregivers some of that information from my experience and background in the most simple, relatable, and fun way.”

What else would you like to share with fellow caregivers? (Links, social profiles, other resources…anything!)

“Enjoy every single moment, even the hard moments, because you don’t get time back. Just do the best you can and be at peace with that.”

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As you can see, Ty where’s a lot of different hats and juggles a lot of different things on a daily basis. Ty gave a lot of really great advice throughout this whole interview. We especially liked the fact that she talked about getting your legal affairs in order. Things can get pretty messy pretty fast when legal affairs aren’t in order. If you are a California family caregiver, click here to find your local CRC to connect with resources and support today! If you are on Facebook and would like to join our Facebook group to connect with family caregivers, click here.

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