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When you think of a “caregiver” do you imagine a doctor or a nursing home staff member wearing a set of scrubs? How about an adult child who drives her elderly parents to all their doctor appointments? Or a sibling who manages medication and care for her single brother struggling to build his new normal after an injury?

Often, entering into the world of caregiving is not an active choice, but a gradual (or sudden!) transition based on the health of our family members and loved ones. People who become caregivers enter this role as adult-children or siblings, friends or neighbors, caring for their family members and close friends when it becomes evident that self-care is no longer enough.

The goal of the California Caregiver Resource Center is to help ALL caregivers in California self-identify as “Caregiver” and locate resources that will alleviate the inevitable stress associated with this challenging role. There are FREE resources available to ALL Caregivers. Our mission is to share these resources with the people that need them.

Step One: Recognize yourself as a caregiver.

Once you acknowledge your role as caregiver, you can find resources and assistance that will make your life easier. As a caregiver, the support you provide will alleviate the struggle of the everyday routine which, in turn, makes their life better by boosting independence and confidence.

The role of a caregiver is varied and could include any or all of the following:

  1. Preparing meals and assisting with grocery shopping.
  2. Personal care assistance like bathing, grooming, and exercise
  3. General health care like administering medications or managing doctor visits
  4. Providing transportation to appointments or the store
  5. Assisting with Mobility by helping with wheelchair use and moving around the home
  6. Emotional Support to ground and comfort your loved one
  7. Elder Care, assisting with dementia patients, relaying information from doctor to family
  8. Performing household chores such as laundry or cleaning
  9. Organizing the home by managing utilities, bills, lawn care, paperwork, etc
  10. Monitoring Health by following a care plan and keeping in touch with doctors

Do you support someone with any of the above? CRC can help: read on.

Step Two: Get support from your LOCAL Caregiver Resource Center.

Caregiving is a highly important role and, at times, it can be highly challenging, isolating and frustrating. The great news is, there are resources available to caregivers state-wide with the goal to improve the quality of care and to support those in the critical role of caregiver.

Support includes helping YOU to continue to care for yourself, because no one can pour from an empty cup.

California Caregiver Resource Centers have many options for caregiver assistance. What is your most pressing need right now? (Link to other blog resources. Some ideas:)

  • Help with transportation – Local Wheelchair Accessible Van Service
  • Health Education – Weekly Webinar for Caregiver Support
  • Financial Support – Financial Resources for when Caregiving becomes a Full Time job
  • Find Your LOCAL California CRC Branch

The California Caregiver Resource Center was founded to support California residents state-wide to provide resources for those acting in the role of caregiver to their loved ones. We value your selfless contribution to our population requiring care and want to provide information, assistance and support in every way possible.

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